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Pixel Ponies was a forum-based interactive pixel game hosted on the (now defunct) Crystal Palace forum. Some information is still available online at the founder's newer venture, Dragon Dieties. From that site:

Dragon Deities are the latest critters of the Interactive Pixels games concept. The original were Pixel Ponies, which were originally taken from Misty's Minis, a section of Misty's Cyber Adoptions. These Minis were Pixel drawn in MS Paint and were available for Click-n-Takes adoption. There was everything from dolphins, to bears, to giraffes up for grabs; but the msot popular were the elemental ponies. A few years later Tlouey (Misty) decided to redo the outlines of her elemental ponies and offer them as pixel ponies at the Crystal Palace.
I've been able to dig up some other members' old stable sites: Dragonwing Stables, Horsin-a-Round Stables, Rainbow Dreams, and Microsope Land. Most of the others have been lost to time.
Thankfully, some information is still available on the archived copy of the Interactive Pixels official website.

Except for this page, the content on the rest of the site has mostly been left untouched, except to clean up some typos and copy+paste mistakes.